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New Retreats at Mandus House - Taster, Themed & Weekend

After a great few months of trailing our wellbeing retreats, we're really excited to let you all know about the new format they'll be taking.

We'll have three unique types of retreats: Taster Retreats, Themed Retreats, and Weekend Retreats.

The Taster Retreats will consist of 4 individual sessions on a variety of wellbeing practices, allowing retreat and wellness newbie's the chance to try out some our sessions and see what works for them.

The Themed Retreats will delve a little deeper into individual practices and subjects, which will be perfect for more seasoned practitioners.

And finally, our weekend retreats will be a holistic blend of all the best parts of our other retreats, sometimes they'll have more variety and others will be more focused.

More details on all of these sessions can be found on our Retreats Page.

If you have any questions, please write to

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